It’s a Technical Thing – OK?

Librado's butchershop in Cueramaro GTO

Librado’s butchershop in Cueramaro GTO

I’m updating things but mostly—moving my domain over to from it’s old location.

It isn’t a lot of fun.

The old site had been saddled with malware (or so it seems) and hadn’t been updated in a long time. I just didn’t spend the time to write or put my photos there anymore. I still have them – but time moves on. I’ve been writing, but for my work instead of personally. I’ve decided to change that because of some personal projects and just wanting to connect with the world outside of Facebook.  It may surprise some people, but there is a life beyond social media 😉

Until all the technical changes have worked their way through the process—things will be a little unsettled. “It’s a Technical Thing.” In the meantime, I’m heading home to Cueramaro for the weekend and looking forward to a little time to just relax. I’m just sure- when everything is updated—things will be back on track. Here’s hoping…

Update: My domain——is now pointing here properly and it is no longer throwing “malware” errors (thanks Google).  There’s a few other things I have to think about but at least that part is working for now.