Torta Moreliana

A torta Moreliana, fresh orange juice and all the trimmings at Juanitos

When I first started working in Morelia, our offices were on Garcia de Leon in Chapultepec. It is a lovely area and well placed for offices because there are lots of great places to go for lunch.  Now that our offices are up in Tres Marias where there aren’t a lot of choices—I take my lunch.

Since I had to walk down to drop off my laundry today, I decided to treat myself and walk down Garcia de Leon to find something for lunch. After three or four years, I don’t expect to find all the same places but I was hoping that Juanitos would be open because I have wanted one of his tortas for a long time.

On the way, I passed a creamery (Chavez) that I have been telling myself I needed to go to for quite a while. Since I now live on the opposite side of Mega in Las Americas—I just don’t get over to Chapultepec as often as I would like to. This creamery is a family operation with natural cheese and some specialities like goat cheese. I took a look at what they had—it’s all good—but I limited myself to a liter of plain yogurt (that I use for licuados in the morning) and half a liter of jocoque. Another day, I’ll try some of their other specialties.

When I got down to Juanitos, I was glad to see his shop was open and doing a brisk business. He’s done some upgrades to the shop since the last time I was there, but it still has a nice casual feeling. I had his Torta Moreliana which includes chicken breast, mango, tomato, avocado and pico de gallo in a bolillo that has been toasted in a press. It is a wonderful, but big lunch. Accompanied with their own pickled vegetables, roasted serrano chiles and a couple more of their in house salsas—I was very happy to find that if anything, their quality was even better than I remembered.

Getting home—I tried the yogurt and jocoque. Sigh… Too good. It is going to have to become a regular feature of Saturday mornings when I am in Morelia.  I just have no choice. jej….

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