One A Day – 1


Hush – Rose Calderone at the posada of Arliegh Schneider – holding Arliegh’s grandson.

  • Centro Morelia, Michoacán
  • January 26, 2013
  • In development for Hush-A-Bye Baby Facebook page – Chicago


I’ve been thinking I would get time to blog regularly for quite a while. It hasn’t happened. The reality is – I’m just too busy doing work for other people. Not good, but there it is. So, instead I’m going to take just enough time to post one photo a day. I have several thousand, so even if I stopped taking new ones tomorrow, I would have plenty of back stock.

But this will not be for pictures that I happen to take in the same day they are posted. Instead, they will just be special photos I select to put up that day. When I am out taking pictures, I frequently get 20 or more that are “keepers” and four or five of those are special enough to be in this group.  Some are in use  for marketing or promotion, all are copyright reserved.

Let’s see if I can keep to this simple schedule….