Welcome Back!

You probably didn’t even know you were gone…

If you missed it – I’ve spent the last few days moving my server from Amazon AWS to Dreamhost. AWS is a good system, but it just takes more of my time than I have to invest in it. Dreamhost gives me some choices that were harder to implement on AWS. That is what I was looking for.

This post is also an old trick. It isn’t on the old site and the post explaining why I haven’t been posting new photos recently isn’t on this site. It is a way for me to tell quickly if the domain has taken its new hosting through the network.

I’m still waiting for memoriafoto.net to “propagate” through the domain name system. I had forgotten that it was once hosted on Dreamhost – many years ago. When I started moving domains – it took awhile to realize that the network at Dreamhost still had it in tables linked to that old account. Support helped me get it back, but now I have to wait all ¬†over again for it to link to my new server. Waiting… something I’m not very good at.

Some of the photos didn’t make it across so I have some work to do. I need to add those photos back and relink them to the posts. It isn’t hard, but it is a one at a time job…