Time to Shake Off The Bots


Recently there has been a wordwide epidemic of computers and servers infected with code that turns them into robots, searching the web endlessly for poor folks who don’t keep the backdoors on their WordPress sites closed and locked. It is a very democratic attack – it is hitting everyone.

I have protection but the amount of server CPU and bandwidth they use, for no reason other than to steal my site and turn it into another bot, has become too much. So, I’m adopting CloudFlare. This may mean a few people are inconvenienced trying to see a picture for a few hours but that’s ok.

See you when the changes take hold…  Done. We’re now on CloudFlare. The only difference you’re likely to see is a faster reponse from the site. Not a bad thing.

Coda: This afternoon – after I made the change, Dreamhost (my hosting company) put up a notice on their client administration panel saying their WordPress users were experiencing a brute force attack. I’ve noticed it for a couple of days – but perhaps I will miss the next one now…