There have been some changes made…

Well, just in case you haven’t noticed – I made a few modifications to the format so I could push posts to full width. I do post a lot of photos after all, and that being the case, wouldn’t you rather see photos than a bunch of stuff on the sidebar? Sure you would. Frankly when I look at sites with photos that bury them between all kinds of distractions – and in a narrow design that doesn’t come close to filling my screen – it doesn’t inspire me.

But where did all that stuff on the sidebar go? Well, some of it went down to the footer. If you’re going to look at the last five posts that always appear on the front page of this site, you will see them – down there. But if you visit frequently – you don’t need to see them everytime you stop by. Or at least that is my theory. Please tell me if I am wrong.

Some of it also went away. I still believe in sharing links to other sites I use, but I know it has become less interesting for people just browsing for photos or something to do on a long evening. But, they are still there – on a dedicated page called Recommendations in the menu. Who knows? Maybe people interested in what I recommend will look. We will see.

I also added a couple of category tabs at the top so those who just want to scan back through One a Day photos or my musings can. Have fun browsing.