One A Day – 165



  • Rodrigo Nefthalí López Alarcón
  • Conservatorio De Las Rosas
  • Centro Histórico, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • Julio 22, 2013
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

The comparison between this moment and the previous picture in this series is obvious – they are both pictures of an artist inside themselves – concentrating on their music.  Rodrigo is a good friend and a musician with an incredible range and passion. I have to admit that attending recitals has not been a part of my life up until yesterday. If I saw one, it must have been on television and I can tell you, it would be impossible for TV to capture the intensity of a performance like this.

The hall at the conservatory is small. The acoustics are quite good. With a good-sized audience of enthusiastic student musicians, you could literally hear a pin drop on stage. Every pause Rodrigo made to let his guitar ring out the last note was clear. I tried to take a picture during the performance and realized my camera shutter, which I ordinarily don’t pay much attention to, sounded like a cannon to me. As a consequence, my photos were taken as he tuned between pieces.

The recital included a selection of contemporary pieces played in classical guitar style with all the traditional recital formalities.  For me, it was an opportunity to see Rodrigo in a completely different role. I almost couldn’t recognize the person I have heard play jazz guitar beautifully many times at Amati Cafe. But, he is there, ever the artist in his medium – playing his guitar as an extension of his soul.