One A Day – 189 – I owe you one.

Wild Things
Wild Things – red-seeded grass, black-eyed susans and a morning glory in the morning light with a bit of dew.

  • Vacant lot, Chapultepec
  • Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • August 17, 2013
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

Yesterday, I took care of many things that have been weighing on me. In the course of a day of walking, discovering, and finding – I also took MANY photos. Perhaps too many, if there can be over-abundance in such things. The results will fill these posts for many days if not weeks I’m guessing. I have to resist the temptation to just splash them all over this post as a happy explosion of pent-up artistic expression. I also have to avoid the temptation to just work through all of them, editing and post-processing today. I have too much that needs to be done right now, so I need to take my time, editing one or two at a time as I prepare them for release.

I found this particular scene as I walked past a vacant lot where I have taken photos many times in the years I have been in Morelia. At this time of year it never fails to be a source of beauty. I was very happy to find the red-seeded grass as a part of the natural arrangement. This grass carpets the hills of the Bajio this time of year, making the hill glow with waving clouds of pink grass when the light is behind it. I have always loved seeing it because it heralds the greening rains of another year.

So, accept this as a token of my regret that yesterday was too busy to get to a picture. There will be another today, shortly. It may no be my best photo, but it is a scene that is very moving for me personally because of the many times I’ve found a little beauty in an over-grown, vacant lot I’ve walked by hundreds of times.