One A Day – 208 – I Lied

Iglesia de San José

Iglesia de San José


Morelia – Across the rooftops at night

  • Centro Histórico, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • August 17, 2013
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Yes, it is true. One A Day is sometimes two or three pictures. So shoot me.

The truth is one a day isn’t cutting it all the time. I have more photos than I can manage for one a day. I’m sorry. (LOL)

These photos were both shot from the rooftop of a friend who lives across from the Iglesia de San José. Not a bad place to be. I was a guest at a very nice evening of friends, music, food and drink. What more can you ask? The two photos were taken of opposite views from the rooftop.  I was sitting on the roof (no, not on a chair), bracing my arms with my knees – shooting handheld. Digital can be so much fun sometimes.

There will be more photos of this evening.