One A Day – 301 – Cuerámaro!


Parroquia San Francisco de Asis – Cuerámaro, GTO


Nochebuena – Poinsettia at a stall in front of the church

  • Cuerámaro, Guanajuato, Mexico
  • December 6, 2013
  • All rights reserved

Don’t push, don’t push. I’m here all week – plenty for everyone!

Yes, I am back in Cuerámaro and I will be here for a week. You can expect nothing but Cuerámaro photos for the coming week and likely for a good while after. I’m already backed up and I just took a short walk today. And you can expect to see more color, monochromes and duotones – all manner of manipulations to pull out the best (IMHO) of each scene. It is just the way we roll now.

As evidence of that fact – the top photo is technically a split tone over color – what we used to try to achieve with what was called a cross-process. The difference is that process was a bit unpredictable. This is completely intentional and controlled. I balanced it to my tonal memory of Agfachrome – a European color film that had a definite warm tone point of view. Here I wanted it to bring out the color of the stone, without making everything else go completely into rose and sepia. 

The Nochebuena? I didn’t have to do much to them. Well, I did work on them a bit to keep detail. They were under a dark blue tarp and in the shade a color like that can bloom. The plants are already blooming – they don’t need any help!