I apologize to my regular readers – but my health has dictated a delay in the One A Day series. I’m sick. I’ve been at home for several days and not able to go out on walks – something I hate as a matter of fact.

I have an appointment to go to a laboratory this morning to help doctors focus on the problem. Hopefully, within a short time I will be back, walking the streets of Mexico. A few days? Most likely, but we will see. I just needed to take control of the situation and get some specific, test lead medical advice – instead of symptom led, broad spectrum prescriptions that often have a broader range of consequences.  It isn’t a problem with the Mexican health systems. The same thing happens in the US. Patients need to take responsibility for their own health and get clear and individual medical care.

In any case, the photos will continue as soon as possible.

See you soon

Mike in Mexico

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  1. Robert Cooperstein says:

    I hope that you are feeling better. I miss your photos and insights