Not gone or forgotten

Just a note to say I’m working on some changes here and it is delaying posts. Not to fear. I am not sick and I have not forgotten you.

I have over 1.200 images on this site. It is time to look seriously at a Content Delivery Network (CDN). That is technobable for putting the images closer to my audience and migrating them off the blog. The first step was getting the technology to work – that seems to be in the last stage. Once that works, the migration will start. Remember that number? 1,200 images? That is going to take some time. It is automated, so it won’t be me moving images but the technical details of making it happen without problems means we need to go one step at a time.

Once that is done – I want to update the format of this site. The theme (style) I am using is good, but it is getting out of date and the author has left it behind. So it is time to update. I have a theme picked, I know what I need to do, but I have decided to do that after the images are migrated and I have dealt with those technical issues. One catastrophe at a time – please.

There will be postings in the interim – I just can’t tell yet if they will be daily until this is all finished.

But hold on – do not adjust your feed monsters. Mike In Mexico is still here and will be online better than ever.


Mike in Mexico

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  1. Sally Abbott says:

    Looks great…am sure finished updates will be even better…cooling my heels until then.