One A Day – 440 – Working on it

The boss is watching
The boss is watching….

David Villanueva
David Villanueva

Juan Alzate
Juan Alzate

Concentration – Flavio Meneses

Fernando and Friends
Fernando and Friends

  • Fermando Mendoza – Drums, Flavio Meneses – Guitar, Juan Alzate – Saxophone, David Villanueva – Piano
  • Amati Cafe
  • Centro Histórico, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • April 11, 2014
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

Things are moving along but it is still going to be a bumpy road for the next week or so (I think). The migration of photos to the CDN has not started – it will soon – and the change to a new theme is still to come. But, I have photos to show and so – I’ll keep posting as much as I can while this progresses.

Thanks for sticking by and watching as things unfold.

Mike in Mexico


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