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Asian Chicken Soup
Asian Chicken Soup

Dining Area
Dining Area

Simple, Clean Lines
Simple, Clean Lines


  • Restaurant foodin box
  • Poblado-Ocolusen, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • May 13, 2014
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I was working from my apartment today and decided to go to a new Japanese-style restaurant near my apartment on Acueducto, named “foodin box.” I’d seen it on a walk home a week ago, but since it isn’t open in the evenings, I had to wait until a day when I could go by at lunch.

The interior design of the restaurant is modern and clean – spare without being austere. The menu is a bit more extensive than the average “makis” restaurant in Morelia, but still suffers from a few too many of the cream cheese filled items. The quality is quite good. I had a asian-style chicken soup with rice noodles. The menu labels it as pho, but I would decline to use that name. It is good, but not remotely a pho recipe. It came with cilantro, herba buena, chopped jalapeno, and green onion to add to the soup and a side dish of cucumber and jicama sticks dusted with chili powder.

It would sad exercise to try to compare it to a good sushi style restaurant in the US, but still, it is a good place to go in this part of Morelia for a special lunch. Prices are a bit higher than some – the combos are the best deal. Service is good and you can call for delivery. Hopefully it will get good traffic and continue to improve!

  • foodin box
  • Av Acueducto #3684
  • Poblado-Ocolusen
  • Morelia, Michoacán

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