One A Day – 486 – My $10 Lunch

Consume de Camarones
First course – Consume de Camarones

Taco Purepeca de camarones, taco asada de camarones
Second course – Taco Purepecha de Camarones, Taco Asada de Camarones

Burrito de Camarones
Third course – Burrito de Camarones

  • Havanna Sea Food & Drinks
  • Las Americas
  • Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • June 21, 2014
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

On my way to the market on Sunday, I passed a restaurant on Enrique Rameriz that has changed hands many times in the last few years. For a long time it was a reasonably good Mexican seafood restaurant with specialities from various coastal states. That was followed by a succession of failed attempts to be a more “disco-oriented” restaurant and bar. I never stopped for any of them. They all had the air of haste and little substance.

Havanna is a concept by a local restauranteur who has had several different locals over the years. It has a bit of a corporate feel – the decor is much like you might find in any international concept restaurant, but the passion is there. It is a pleasant place to have a meal. If you are passing by and see it – you will see large wooden shutters that are swung from their centers and rise like large wings over the sidewalk. It has an open, airy and casual style.

The choices on the menu are Mexican with a Caribbean feel. There is a lot of shrimp, but in defense of the quality, it is at least a dependable seafood. All the dishes I tried were good and quite ample. The service was good and a lot of people are discovering it.

All together this meal, including the beer, came to 130 pesos (about $10 US). For the quality and attention – that is quite a deal. The menu is set up so you can try several small dishes in one sitting and I encourage you to do so. There are really only one or two “full plates” so it is more rewarding to make your meal up tapas style of several individual choices.

Do try on your next trip to the Las Americas Mall. It is on the West side of the street between the Sams Club parking lot and Las Cantinitas.