One A Day – 497 – Commentary

Caught Between
Caught Between

Dogs, Burgers, and Colored Glass
Dogs, Burgers and Colored Glass

Rough Trade
Rough Trade

For the Children
For the Children

Small Business
Small Business

  • Walking Toward Centro Histórico, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • August 3, 2014
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

I suppose it is obvious, but perhaps it is not – many of my photos are more commentary on the subject than nice images. This is a group of photos from my latest photo walk that are in one way or another – something that struck me in my vision of the scene. These are not commentary on Morelia or Mexico in particular – just on bits of the world I find around me.

Here are some notes from these photos:

Caught Between – Is the orange a sign of resistance to the surrounding commercial interests? I can’t say…

Dogs, Burgers and Colored Glass – In English, I can read the term Hot Dog and immediately visualize the ubiquitous sausage forever associated with the Fourth of July. But when I read the word Perro in Spanish, my mind immediately goes to the image of a pet dog. Intellectually, I know what the words mean in this case, I just can’t stop the association.  Language is a funny thing.

Rough Trade – Morelia has many universities and many students. Some people take advantage of that fact – just like they do everywhere. The apartments behind this sign appear to be as rough as the unkept yard in front foretells.

For the Children – A colorful sign on a daycare business. I can imagine the care of the children in the building behind this sign to be as colorful and lively as the image. I don’t know if it is true, but I believe so.

Small Business – I wish they had been open. I would have liked to have tried their BBQ. As small a business as I can imagine. It is only slightly wider than two door widths. I believe, like many businesses this size, they push a charcoal grill out on the street with some benches or plastic chairs. Maybe a folding table or two. Families get by. I admire their courage and sense of pride.

2 Responses

  1. Jane Birkbeck says:

    Hi Mike, it’s Jane from Amati in January/February this year. Your photos light my day and bring warm memories. I particularly appreciated the ones of
    the new Amati Café. And “After the rain” is so lovely I have it on my net book home page. . Hope that is okay. I greatly enjoyed your commentary.

    • mike says:


      It is great to hear from you! Of course it is ok to use After the Rain on your home page. Makes me proud to hear it. I wish you had been with us last night – we saw a great concert and there will be pictures later today.

      Do keep in touch!