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Just a yellow table at the door
Just a yellow table at the door.

Sopa Tarascas
Sopa Tarascas

Plato Fuerte
Plato Fuerte


  • La Cocina de Licha
  • Centro Histórico, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • August 21, 2014
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

La Concina de Licha is a popular cocina economica in Centro, near the Capilla de Santo Niño, a well-known chapel that dates from 1778. The interior of this restaurant has the feeling of that age – sturdy, simple. enduring. I have many photos that need to be edited and posted, but I knew how these would look and the images are quite close to me.

This meal is a comida – the traditional meal eaten at mid-day – usually the largest meal of the day, although a traditional breakfast is not a small affair to be sure. I cannot bring myself to translate it to lunch – simply because it is more of what people in the US would expect in an evening meal. Our work schedules do not allow the time that was typical at the time the traditional comida emerged.

The available dishes on this particular day were extensive. Comida economicas provide good, home-style meals and usually have more than one choice for the entree. I had a sopa Tarascas to start, a bean soup with fried, crisp tortilla strips and topped with a fresh cheese. The entree I chose had three enchiladas filled with chicken and mashed potatoes, beans in their pot liquor, rice with carrots and peas, and a salad of grated carrots, jicama, lettuce with sliced cucumbers. Roughly cut pieces of bread, two salsas and a jug of pear agua accompanied both courses. The postre I chose was a flan. The cost? 40 pesos.

It was good, simple food. Not challenging or rich. I must admit though – I was quite full and ready for a siesta as I left. Satisfied.


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