One A Day – 533

Metales 5 at the Conservatorio de las Rosas
Metales M5 at the Conservatorio de las Rosas

Dedicated to Brass
Dedicated to Brass

Highlight on the Community
Highlight on the Community

Playing with Shadows
Playing with Shadows

  • Metales M5 at the Conservatorio de Las Rosas
  • METALES M5: Alexander Freund, Oscar Villegas- trompetas. Juan Carlos Quiterio – corno francés, Roberto Carlos Cruz – trombón. Jose Lopez – tuba
  • Invitados especiales: Jose Alberto Cruz, Eduardo Chacon, Luis Arellano, Eduardo Tepox(Cátedra de Trompeta del Conservatorio)
    Leonardo Sierra, Sergio Cruz (Graduados del Conservatorio de las Rosas), Jorge Mejia (Mariachi “Los Jimadores”, Schagerl Mexico)
  • Conservatorio de las Rosas, Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • October 9, 2014
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This was a truly inspiring concert. No question. The hall and the excellence of the musicians made it something I will remember for a long time. A brass choir that could change the mind of the most dedicated of classical music haters.

This set includes only one photo that has been highly stylized, as I am sure you can see. “Playing with Shadows,” is a tone-mapped single with the color saturation almost completely removed. The result was “resaturated” in Lightroom to show only yellows and a bit of orange. I wanted to find a way to highlight the shadows, reduce him to almost a silhouette, and retain the color of the trumpet. It was an interesting challenge…


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