One A Day – 570 – Photo Walk

Plaza Morelos – Morelia

You know you've lived in my world too long when you meet a disto
You know you’ve lived in my world too long when you meet a distorted corner and say, “Wow! That’s fun…”

Welcome to Arrabal!
Welcome to Arrabal!

Chips with Four Dips, Wine & Water to Start.
Arrabal Gourmet: Chips with Four Dips, Wine & Water to Start

First Course, Argentine Empanada

Salt & Pepper style baby back ribs, tomato salad, bread and Agen
Salt & Pepper style baby-back ribs, tomato salad, bread and Argentine chimichurri

  • Arrabal Gourmet, Argentine Restaurant, Acueducto, across from the Bosque
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • January 18, 2015
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Yesterday was the first opportunity I’ve had to take a photo walk this year. I took advantage of the opportunity by going to Plaza Morelos, a Oaxacan crafts and food fair, a Argentine restaurant, the Bosque (a large forested park in the middle of the city), and a ice cream shop for desert. You will see the results over the next few days. It was a beautiful day – a sunny Sunday with a light breeze. Everyone was out walking and enjoying the day.

I have passed by Arrabal Gourmet many times on my way down Acueducto to Centro. It is located right across from the Bosque and is very easy to find. In Mexico, what is called Argentine style is usually a restaurant that specializes in asado – grilled meats. I think of it as “all you can meat” – and I usually avoid them because the result of stuffing yourself on wave after wave of skewered, grilled meats often means the next day is wasted as you try to digest it.

In contrast, the menu at Arrabal is varied and covers a lot of good options. The meals start with a plate of tortilla strips and salsas. The eggplant salsa is not to be missed. As a first course, I had an empanada stuffed with a filling similar to picadillo, a very traditional mixture of ground meat, fruit, and spices. Very nice as an appetizer or a light meal with salad.

For my main course, I had a plate of baby-back pork ribs done in a sort of “salt and pepper style.” They were brushed with the house chimichurri and grilled to perfection, slightly crisp on the outside and tender on the inside. The ribs are served with a tomato and lettuce salad, dressed with an herbal vinaigrette, bread and of course, chimichurri to splash on at will.

Including a glass of wine, my meal was the equivalent of about $12 USD. It is a real value for the level of service and quality I experienced at Arrabal Gourmet. I will be going back to taste more items on their menu and I recommend it highly.