One A Day – 597 – Eating Bucareli

Pollos Carvajal - Mexican style BBQ chicken & more
Pollos Carvajal – Mexican-Style BBQ & More

The view from behind the Estadio Venustiano Carranza on Bucareli
The view from behind the Estadio Venustiano Carranza on Bucareli. You can see the twin spires of the Cathedral in Centro above the on-coming car with its lights on.

Tortas El 32 1/2
Tortas El 32 1/2 – I haven’t tried it yet, but I will…

Carnitas Bucareli "El Guero"
Carnitas Bucareli “El Guero” – I haven’t tried it yet, but I will.

La Michoacana Bucareli
La Michoacana Bucareli – One of the most popular ice cream and paleteria shops in Morelia. Of course I’ve tried it!


Tortilleria Mora
Tortilleria Mara – 100% Maze Nixtamalizado – MUST TRY!

  • Calle Virrey Antonio de Bucareli
  • Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • March 8, 2015
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

No, despite what you may be thinking, Bucareli is not an Italian pasta, a European motor scooter, or  a secret enclave for Italians in Morelia.

Calle Virrey Antonio de Bucareli is a busy street that crosses much of the Eastern side of Morelia. I travel it often because I ride the Coral combie route to Centro. It is a vibrant, interesting part of the city and along its length are hundreds of family restaurants, stores and places to wander. Bucareli is not a tourist destination or well-known outside of Morelia, but it is an important part of the city and worth the time to explore.

“Eating Bucareli” is the name of a series of photos I will be taking that will include many places along this street that I have visited and tried. The photos posted today do include some places I have not tried yet, but think of them as placeholders for when I do get a chance. The name is also used for an album on the Facebook page for this site.


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