One A Day – 613 – Lucky Day

Preparing to attack
Preparing to Attack!

When you are just a little more than three inches tall, you star
When you are just a little more than three inches tall, you start at the bottom…

Taken down and owned by a three month old chihuahua
Taken down and owned by a three month-old chihuahua

Ready to jump
Ready to Jump!

Do you like me?
Do you like me?

Thinking about jumping my hand...
Thinking about jumping my hand…

Play with me
Play with me.

You can't get up
You can’t escape

  • Cueramaro, Guanajuato, México
  • April 12, 2015
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

How can you not love a puppy? We’re wired for it. A plausible argument can be made for a theory that humans would not exist without their partnership with dogs. Dogs, as we know them – the little offshoot of the wolf tribe that they are, certainly would not exist without us. We selected and brought to life every breed that exists.

She is three months old. She doesn’t have a name officially – yet. She already knows how to jump her prey and do the twist and stake maneuver that would break a neck. She walks with a wide stance on the slippery floors so she won’t fall down. She has already taken me down.

At three months, a dog has more comparative strength, agility and native intelligence than a human at one year old. Evolution. Life. Survival. What a miracle.

I am shooting here with my 50mm. I ran out of room for focusing range several times but it is a great lens for this. I am looking for a sharp face – the guard hairs, the ears – the shine in her eyes – all the elements of a clear portrait of a very nice little friend.