One A Day – 685

Photowalk, Centro, Morelia, Michoacan

Ceda le Paso

Photowalk, Centro, Morelia, Michoacan

Your appointment for laparoscopic surgery is at #80

Photowalk, Centro, Morelia, Michoacan

You can’t miss it. It is at 351, two windows and a door. Pink.

Photowalk, Centro, Morelia, Michoacan

Believe me. There is a large rooster head right next to the door.

Photowalk, Centro, Morelia, Michoacan

Boutique Coco Plank and Green with Harlequin Diamonds

  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • August 1, 2015
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This is the last post for this photowalk. I really wanted to do more, but the rain started and many other priorities crowded in on me. I love to do these photowalks. They are very satisfying and I never cease to be amazed at what I can find in a few blocks on the streets of Morelia. I will be on the streets again, probably tomorrow.

You should know that I now have a lab that provides prints for me. This means my entire catalogue, all the photos on this site and more, are available as prints. Amati Cafe is the main point of contact in Morelia for prints, especially of my photos of jazz musicians there. I also will take orders by email, Facebook or contact here on the blog. Locally, prints can be delivered within 24 hours, without mounts and frames. I can also provide mounted, framed prints with the framing service at cost, but it takes a couple of days generally.


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