One A Day – 707

Photowalk 08/30/2015, Centro, Morelia

El Colmenar

Photowalk 08/30/2015, Centro, Morelia

The Houses on the Hill

Photowalk 08/30/2015, Centro, Morelia

From another point of view

Photowalk 08/30/2015, Centro, Morelia

Academia de Danza

Photowalk 08/30/2015, Centro, Morelia

96 Degrees Proof

  • Photowalk
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • August 30, 2015
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

The pictures from this photowalk have been a lot of fun to work on. They are an excellent return on investment for two hour period of time – including combie rides both ways. There are probably two more posts in the series if I lay it out like I expect to.

You might not see it, but the first three images in today’s post are point-of-view studies. I’m working with how having the lens a little higher or lower against the point of view gives a different feeling. The first picture, “El Colmenar” has been highly corrected in post processing using perspective adjustment tools much the way I would have in a view camera years ago. It was quite “wonky” when I started on it – to the point it was distracting from an otherwise interesting but ordinary scene. I honestly didn’t know if I could correct the warping in it but it seems to have worked out fairly well.

“Houses on the Hill” and its companion, which follows it, are both of the same subjects but the first is straight on with the lens low looking up slightly and the second is with the lens higher, looking down slightly at the houses from a narrow angle. The point is to accentuate or lower the impact of the angle of the street. By the way, I have taken this grouping before, a few years ago – with a different camera and a different lens. Studies like this are part of photowalks – opportunities to refresh my eyes and continue to embed an understanding where I need to go to realize an image.

I thought about naming “Academia de Danza” as “Not Posh.”

The last photo in this post is one of the best single-image tone map candidates I have ever worked on. The colors in the stone were evident, but the light cooperated to make them really jump out as I wanted. The colors are real, but heightened. I don’t think I could invent those colors if I tried. It didn’t hurt that the subject of the photo is a vendor of 96 degree, pure cane alcohol. Thinking about it, it needs to be a little psychedelic…