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Jam Session Morelia, La Pulke


Jam Session Morelia, La Pulke

Under the Stairs

Jam Session Morelia, La Pulke

From the Stairs

Jam Session Morelia, La Pulke

Friends of the Jam

Jam Session Morelia, La Pulke


Jam Session Morelia, La Pulke

Jos & Fer

  • Jam Session, Morelia
  • La Pulke
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • November 3, 2015
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

If La Pulke looks like a small space, it is. If it doesn’t – blame the wide angle I use when I shoot photos there. Before this incarnation, it was a house on the edge of Centro in a nice neighborhood. How it came to be a small restaurant, bar and counter-culture meeting place is probably an interesting story, but for me, not the point. It has become an important place for people who want a simple informal meeting point and in the case of the area’s jazz community – an important resource.

Jam sessions are a necessary part of the music community, providing a way to share music, try out ideas, and learn. Morelia is blessed with a very vibrant group of musicians and jam sessions are their way to continue the tradition. Julio Espinosa, the saxophone player in the photos above, is instrumental in keeping this particular institution alive, along with his many friends.

There are more from this session and I hope to get out today or tomorrow for a photowalk. We will see, but it is important to me to get more time “on the street.”


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