One A Day – 823

Daniel Madrid - Guitar, Omar Marin - Bass

At Zaragoza 65 Bar – Daniel Madrid & Omar Marin

Daniel Madrid - Guitar, Omar Marin - Bass

It just works…

Daniel Madrid - Guitar, Omar Marin - Bass

Classic Omar

Daniel Madrid - Guitar, Omar Marin - Bass


  • Dueto Yin Yang: Daniel Madrid – Guitar, Omar Marin – Bass
  • Zaragoza 65 Bar
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • May 8, 2016
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

Zaragoza 65 is a fairly new bar, above a parking garage, near the Portales and many other popular spots around town. The date says May 8 because it was, but only just. I was walking home from Amati when I heard my name yelled from above. Knowing it wasn’t my calling to the great beyond, I realized it was my friend Daniel Madrid, who, from his perch on a stool by the window saw me passing and hailed me.

I had wanted to go into Zaragoza 65 for a while because I knew that Daniel and Omar were playing there frequently but believe or not, I don’t spend a lot of time in bars. Pretty much once a week is all I can manage. I went up the stairs to say hello to my friends.

I was offered a glass of Mezcal and I took it, even though I probably didn’t need it. Daniel was playing a wide range of pieces on his guitar. Daniel plays very well and all of the music was easy going, casual. The kind of music that is easy to listen to on a late night. Omar joined him and they talked about their collaboration, admitting that as personalities – they are very opposite, but when they play – they blend very nicely.

So, if you just want to wind down and listen to some nice music – look for Daniel and Omar at Zaragoza 65. Yes, that is also the address. And by the way – those are not sparks flying out of Daniel’s ears in the first two photos. Not as far as I can remember anyway…