One A Day – 912 – Amati 5th Aniversary

David Blink Latin Jazz Project

Our boys at play

Latin Color

David Villanueva

Lalo Torres

Flavio Meneses

David & Rodrigo

Flavio & David

Tight Space

Juan Carlos Cortes and Carlos Castro Join

Juan Carlos Cortes

Carlos Castro on Flute



  • AMATI 5to aniversario! – con David Blink Latin Jazz Project – Flavio Meneses – bass, David Villanueva – Piano, David Blink – trumpet, Rodrigo Nafthali – guitar, Fernando Mendoza – drums, Lalo Torres – Congas
  • Salón Jardín Quinta Yucanpil
  • Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • December 3, 2016
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

I can’t believe it has been almost five years since I first walked into Amati Jazz Club. I found there a community of musicians and music lovers that has grown and become a very tight group of friends. That small circle of friends has spread across the spectrum of jazz in Mexico and to some extend around the world. We’ve had regular appearances by artists from Europe, the US, Latin America, New Zealand, and Mongolia. Our little community is on the map of jazz in Mexico – literally. I love it – I really do.

For this anniversary there were three bands – these photos are from a group of our local pros. There are two more, which will be in the two following posts. The photos are already edited and up on Facebook. There are a few more in that set, including pictures of the wider group that joined the event for the evening. If you are on Facebook – they are here. If you are not a member, the photos are public, but be aware – Facebook will bug you about becoming a member.

There were also several of our local brewers there and a mezcalaro, along with hamburgers and ribs on the grill. We were not left wanting. More tomorrow.