One A Day – Extra – Marco Eneidi

Bowing Out

  • Cosmic Brujo Mutafuka: Marco Eneidi – alto saxophone, Itzam Cano – contrabass, Gabriel Lauber – Drums
  • Amati Jazz Club
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • February 5, 2016
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

As I have said, I’m going through my archives – looking for photos that should be in an exhibit of jazz photos. There is only one person (that I know of) who played at Amati and passed out of this plane of existence in 2016 – Marco Eneidi. He played at the end of January and we heard he passed away on May 24th – only a few months after his appearance in Morelia. He had quite a run and many fans over his lifetime in jazz.

I found this image – it has never been exhibited before – in the archives and knowing what I know now – I thought it was fitting. Looking at the edits I did then (less than a year ago) and what I am doing now, I can see a lot of changes in my technique and tools. I hope for the better, but these things are subjective – so I leave that to you. But it my choice – this one is going into the print file now.