One A Day – 917 – 14˚ Encuentro de Cocineras Tradicional

All starts with decoding the menu

Charales Refritos

Serving Pozole

Handmade Blue and Yellow Corn Tortillas

Tortillas and Gorditas – Blue Corn Masa


My Neighbors

So many choices

Practiced Hands

Many Hands

Ceviche Tostadas


  • Photowalk – 14˚ Encuentro de Cocineras Tradicional, 2016
  • Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • December 10, 2016
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This competition and exhibition of traditional foods in Michoacan is in its 14 year and justly popular. I think I’ve gone most if not all the years I’ve been in Morelia. The event has gradually formalized and become a focal point for traditional foods in Mexico. I love it but I have to say it is one of those things that is best experienced with a group so you can see and taste many dishes. By yourself, the choices are overwhelming and your capacity is limited. The piece titled, “My Neighbors” is quite true. This couple has a small comida just down the block from where I live where I often get tacos for breakfast in the morning.

I thought about describing the food in the photos – but with the menus from many of the cocineras showing, you can look them up on the internet for yourself and find a lot more about them than I need to write – or better yet – come down to Michoacan and try some of the traditional foods of Mexico here in their home.