One A Day – 921 – Experiments






  • Recital de la cátedra de saxofón. Participantes: Luis Fernando Flores Maya, Luis Ricardo Villanueva Zamora, Nubia Magnolia Palmerín Vargas, Oscar Ivan Gonzales Madrid, Edwin Donovan Zarco Suárez, José Agustín Rivera Vivián, Edgar Emmanuel Mutt Romero, Pianista invitado: David Villanueva
  • Bellas Artes, UMSNH
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • December 21, 2016
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This was a student recital on a spare, blacked stage with minimal lighting and a few flowers for “decoration.” The recital was mainly to give students some experience in front of an audience to add to their stage presence. In the same spirit – I used this event to try a few editing techniques and looks to enhance the simple staging. There is only one that didn’t come from the addition of a special set of tools – I’ll let you try to guess which one that is…..