One A Day – 954 – Leika Mochan

Burning with Passion


Lieka Lifted


Personal Expression

Green Eyes

Slippery Character

Leika – Lifted

Sing to me

Sing to me (2)


The Impressionist

  • Leika Mochan – voice, live looping, Diego Franco – sax, clarinet, Israel Cupich – Bass
  • Amati Jazz Club
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • March 3, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserv

If the impressionist turn seems odd to you – it is where at least one of my styles is going. Jazz itself is an impressionist art form. In modern forms, musicians give their impressions of the primary musical theme of a piece in solos. Sometimes the piece is so well known, the whole arrangement may be impressionistic. So as I work more with it, I am becoming more comfortable in giving my impressions of the music playing in front of me. I don’t foresee giving up the more literal, journalistic side – but I certainly will use this as a tool in my kit to say something back to the performers I am working with.

2 Responses

  1. Steve Bischoff says:

    Mike, your commentary on jazz being an impressionist art form reminded me of a pivotal scene in “La La Land” where Seb is able to bring Mia around to accepting jazz! Have you been able to view the film in Mexico? [Oh, and you seem to have the knack of providing character to a bald head –a rare trait I find admirable . . .]

    —from a new and appreciative blog-viewer, since I plan a Morelia visit in April, –steve in Carmel, Calif.

    • mike says:

      Thank you for your comment Steve! Yes, I have seen La La Land – in a Cinepolis VIP as a matter of fact (an experience not to be missed). We get US releases on or very soon after they are released in the US in most cases. And of course, Oscar contenders are hyped just like they are in the US too. And as far as baldness – I don’t have the problem, but I think it is preferable to extreme combovers. They are very hard to make look worthy no matter what angle I shoot from…

      Keep viewing – I was once a Californian too. I guess I still am or at least I still think as though I am. If you are on FB – give me a shout.