One A Day – 960 – Eric Rothenstein

David Blink

Juan Alzate

The Crowd on the Last Day

Erick Rothenstein Quartet at Jazztival 2017

On the Spot

Jazz Clarinet

Different Point of View

New experience


A bit blue



Shining Green



  • Erick Rothenstein Quartet  from Slovakia, Jazztival 2017
  • Jazztival 2017, Casa de Cultura
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • March 11, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

The last day of Jazztival. There was a concert in front of the cathedral, that is only represented here by the photo of David Blink. The light was nearly non-existent, the sound weak, and the audience was standing in the street. David’s photo was the only one I got that was decent. After a few more tries, I went on to Casa de Cultura to get setup for the evening.

There was a brief ceremony with well-deserved accolades for Juan Alzate and a big crowd for the last show in Morelia. The band was from Slovakia which led to some interesting adaptations of Slovak folk songs as jazz.  Certainly different than we had been hearing during the festival.

Taken together, it was a nice four days of jazz – I only wish there could have been more. There will be, next year.