One A Day – 976 – Semana Santa

Gathering of the Multitudes


Too Far To See

Templo de la Soledad


Ofrendas de los Barrios

Through the Eyes of a Boy


Barrio de San Bartolo

Barrio de San Miguel

Barrio de La Trinidad

Interior of historic church

  • Photowalks and Tour
  • Atrio de los Olivos de Don Vasco y Templo de la Soledad
  • Tzintzuntzan
  • Michoacán, México
  • April 14, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This is a continuation of the photos from my Good Friday trip. This group is part of our visit to Tzintzuntzan and the historic churches around the Atrio de los Olivos. There was a lot to see, we could have spent Easter week there easily just looking around. The events and traditions of the week make it a fascinating place.

Most of these photos are in the impressionist style – which for me is exactly what I wanted. Since I am posting this on Easter, I decided to stay with this set of photos and finish them while the season is still with us.