One A Day – 982

Lunch at Panoli

Carrot Cake for Three

From Morelia, it all starts with Capula

Capula workshop

Capula Union de Artesanos

Catrinas – Closed workshop in Capula

Shopping in Tzintzuntzan

The Bar Girl and the Crusader

Odd bits at the sculpture yard


Once Was in Santa Clara de Cobre

Adobe long house

No. No. No Parking

Holy Babies

Afternoon in Santa Clara de Cobre

  • Photowalks and Tour
  • Capula, Tzintzuntzan, Pátzcuaro, Santa Clara de Cobre
  • Michoacán, México
  • April 26 & 27, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

During most of last week, I was with friends who were visiting Morelia and Michoacan for the first time. It is always interesting to see the reactions of people new to the area – people who haven’t been in a city like Morelia in Mexico. Most people have been to the tourist enclaves or Mexico City and think somehow that represents Mexico as a whole – but of course reality is a lot more complex than that. I’m gratified to say our guests liked being here – I hope they tell others their feelings and can speak now with a better understanding of life here.

Most of these photos are of some of the pueblos we visited in an impressionist style. I am beginning to think perhaps I would like to lead some photowalk tours occasionally. For now, I’m just thinking about what it might mean, since I have a big exhibition coming up this year and lots more. But it is on the radar. Hmmmmm.