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Gallery Space

You cannot be taking a photo of me while I’m taking a photo of the table and without flash.

A few laughs and stories

  • Grand Opening, Lilibet Art + Bar
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • July 07, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This is an experiment that should not have worked. Lilibet is a new bar and gallery in Centro. Like many bars, lighting is low – very low. The sound from the DJ is loud. Because this was an opening of a bar in Centro, several photographers showed up. Because they are all shooting for newspapers and online, they were using flash and grabbing photos of people in the crowd. I don’t like to use flash, but I don’t blame them for doing it. At my preferred ISO for low-light, I was getting readings of 1/3 of a second and much less. Even with my monopod and anti-shake on, the results were going to be soft at best and useless at worst. But this is a new, cool bar. So, my question to myself was, “Is anyone going to think soft, impressionist photos are out of place?”

Well, no…

So, I did a walk-around to capture a few shots and get a sense of the atmosphere. I thought, “There is a real good chance this is not going to work at all. Except for the gallery area, it is very dark, people are moving around, and chances are as good you will move as anything. But with a digital camera, the cost of a shot is just the time to do it. The camera is setup and ready…”

So, I went ahead and took a set of photos. I developed a preset for situations like this that I have been playing with. It was about time to give it a real test. When I loaded the images into Lightroom, I got a little excited. They looked better than I thought they would and perfect for the style I wanted to use. I worked through them and these are the result. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m very happy with them.