One A Day – 1024 – Capacuaro

Jardin, Capacuaro

Templo de San Juan Bautista

Templo de San Juan Bautista

Towering Over Us All


The Hat? I just don’t know.


Perhaps We Could Learn from Her

Strong, Concerned Women

Real People

Meeting Everyone

With a Little Sun

Municipal Building



Beginning Discussion

Proposed Property on Aldama

  • Developing a Center for Disabled Children
  • Capacuaro, Michoacan, Mexico
  • July 25, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This series comes from a trip with my friend, Erick Legaria, to Capacuaro, Michoacan. Erick is working with the community of Capacuaro to continue development of a program for disabled children in the area, and hopefully, secure property that can be used to develop a center for them and the services provided by the community. The people in Capacuero have Purepecha heritage, the indigenous people of the region. Included were city administrators, teachers, care providers and families with disabled children. ┬áThere is a strong, cultural bond in the area – these are wonderful people, committed to their community and its future.

This trip included side trips to properties proposed for the center, discussions of each site and the process involved in the acquisition and development of the property by the community. It was a lively, serious discussion and I was very happy to be there. My role was only to help by providing photos and a record of activities generally.

The pueblo is beautiful, a bit isolated but with a rich sense of identity and pride. It takes some effort to visit the area, but it is well worth it.

There will be more photos tomorrow from this trip.