One A Day – 1025 – Capacuaro & Quinceo

Viewing the first site

First site discussions

First site discussions

Second site, further from Capacuaro with some issues.

Crossed Arms

The ladies have their own point of view

Alignment into sides

Probing for thoughts

Coming into the third site

Discussions at the third site

Caring, Loving

Simple Solutions

Fairy Hats and Lichen Coats

Discussions with Stakeholders

Serious Thoughts

The long road

Life in a small town in Mexico

Fungi Village

Forest Floor

Could bees be used sustainably in this forest? Our last visit of the day.

  • Developing a Center for Disabled Children
  • Capacuaro and Quinceo, Michoacan, Mexico
  • July 25, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

These pictures are from a trip to Capacuaro, Michoacan with a friend. There are more details in the previous blog entry. During these photos we visited the three proposed sites, the pluses and minuses of each site were discussed and some basic decisions began to form. The first site was relatively close to the city center and on a main road. The other two sites were further away and outside the area where people could reach the sites without a car. Since many of the people who would use the center would not have easy, regular access to cars and no public transportation was available to either site, it made them very hard to select, no matter what their other attributes might be. Also, because of their location outside of city services, power, water and other city services would either be unavailable or more expensive. The third site was beautiful because it was in a forest, but again, because of its relative distance from Capacuaro, it simply wasn’t a good choice.

When we returned, the decision was made to move forward with the first site if government approval and funding came through. After a wonderful lunch of uchepos, steamed corn masa with bits of carrot and chile poblano, and churipo, a soup with beef and cabbage, we went on to Quinceo where we were to meet a local carpenter who wanted to extend his carpentry with beekeeping in the forest above town.

This was a wonderful trip in all ways. If you get a chance to visit this region, do so.

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  2. Well, we talked about everything, and seeing it over again, makes the coming work easier.