One A Day – 1055 – Nurio

On the Plaza

In Conversation

Hold the Hat

Classic Afternoon

The Colors of Their Lives

Families Together, Under the Cross

Band Break

Graciela & Friends

While We Wait for the Tent to Rise – Dulces


Present and Future Community Leaders

Kids Out of School

Nurio – Really Wide Streets


Life Colors



Every One Sings

Sing With Your Heart

It’s OK. We get it guy.

Singing Strong

Purepecha Voices

Japanese Visitors

Purepecha Lunch with Graciela

Steamed Corundas Over an Open Fire

Nurio – Historic Valley


Find Your Paradise

Ricardo introduces the 140 member Nurio Youth Orchestra

The First Chair is Not Ready for His Close Up

Amazing Sights & Sounds

Mothers’ Watch

  • Feria de la Mazorca y Fiesta al Señor de los Milagros,
  • Nurio, Michoacán, México
  • October 11, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

This is a large group of photos for one posting. I know I say that a lot, but over thirty? Yeah. It is. But I have a lot of feelings wrapped up in this trip and these images so I decided I couldn’t break them up. The story here is important. Nurio is a small town with an amazing history and culture. There are many things it doesn’t have, but something that it does have is a 140 member youth orchestra. Yes, that is right, 14o members, ages 7 to 18. They have enough support to have instruments, suits for performances, a conductor, and several teachers that work with them. This is a town of about 3,5oo people. They support their kids.

There is much more to this story and it is only one of many I want to start telling. I will be releasing a Patreon page soon that will give a lot more information about this phase of the Retratos project. I will link to it here when it is ready. What I want you to know is this is very much the kind of work you will see going forward. The jazz photos will continue, but this work – positive stories and pictures about people here in Michoacan is going to take an important role and be the subject of the next exhibition for the Retratos series, next year.

Stick with me if you are interested and want to see and know more.