One A Day – 1063 – Ihuatzio

On stage in Ihuatzio – Moros


From Another Time

Valda’s Dog Dances with the Moros

Pero y Perito

Community Altar

Ready for the Evening


In the Middle of It All

Spirit Supper

Juan Rivera

New Traditions on Old

Intersections and Traditions

Ancient and Now

  • Photowalk 
  • Dia de las Muertos
  • Ihuatzio Michoacán, México
  • November 1, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

Ihuatzio is not a large town and it doesn’t have a large, impressive cemetery, but that might be a winning argument when it comes to picking places to see on the Dia de Los Muertos. This year there was a local celebration including a dance of the Moros that might just be as interesting as viewing the traditions in the cemetery. One caution however, the roads are narrow and there is not much in the way of local traffic control (read as “none” this year) so it might be better to park back a considerable way from the area where the dance events are held, or instead, walk there from the cemetery. We were stuck in a line of traffic trying to navigate very narrow roads for about 30 minutes. Patience is required.

I enjoyed our stop there. The cemetery feels like it is more traditional and closer to the heart of the community. Some of the other places you can visit seem to be as much for tourists as the local people. Again, go early if you can. Busses do come to Ihuatzio, but not that many and they go later and many were caught in the traffic near the stage where the dances were shown.

There will be more from this set tomorrow… (I hope)