One A Day – 1072 – A Trip to Sacramento

All Curls and Sweetness

That Look

Swing Your Cares Away

Dive In

Sharing a Moment

Katie shows her dad around her “home.”

Come On Dad!

Spiral Down

Hand over hand

Dad does it too!

Not Shy

Pure Fun

Yes, she knows…

Marilyn Moment

Alien Spacecraft in the Park

Nesting Pair

Off on an Adventure

The World is Spinning, Upside Down

Another Point of View


Feeling a Bit Dizzy

Father’s Pride

Day’s End

  • Photowalk 
  • A Visit to Southside Park with my son and granddaughter
  • Sacramento, California, USA
  • December 10, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

I know, I’ve been among the missing. Two weeks ago, I had to make a trip back to Sacramento. During part of my trip I spent some time with my son and granddaughter. I have missed them for a while, so I really appreciated the opportunity to catch up and see them. These photos are from a trip to the park. There will be another set tomorrow from my trip, then we are back to Mexico and Morelia.