1078 – Juan Carlos Cortes and the Blues Machine

In Performance at Amati Jazz & Blues Club: Juan Carlos Cortes & the Blues Machine

Juan Carlos leans into the new year

Blues Match

Ice Blues

Three Directions


We all watch Irepan

Face to Face in Blues

Sweet Sounds in Blues

Foreground Focused

With a Light in his Eyes

  • Juan Carlos Cortes & The Blues Machine: Juan Carlos Cortes – voice, guitar, Irepan Rojas – trombone, Jonathan Macotela – bass, Roglio Vargas – Drums with David Blink – trumpet, washboard, kazoo and Rob Mackay – flute
  • Amati Jazz & Blues Club
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • January 19, 2018

These photos represent a bit of a victory. I can tell you very sincerely it didn’t feel like it, and it very likely didn’t look like it, when I was stumbling through the audience and wobbling about to get a point of view. It felt awful, but fortunately I had a cheering section of friends and a desire to capture this evening as if nothing was different. Just the start of another year of jazz and blues at Amati with a community I love.

Juan Carlos Cortes and his band, David Blink and Rob Mackay brought us all back with a great evening of blues and improvisation. I loved every minute. Yes, there will be more from this concert.