1096 – La Coyotera Taller – Estudio

Light Brunch….

The lake is low, but the season is starting

From the Studio

Pieces on Display

As the dry season ends

In the Garden

Study in color, contrast and textures



Soaking in the view

New Work

Talking about the work

Inked by Kees

Pieces for Exhibition

From the Garden

With their Kiln

Coyote in Residence

Beauty in her hands

Caution – Artist at Work

Bits and Pieces


In Context



At ease in their studio

  • La Coyotera Taller-Estudio – Artists Kees Ouwens and Carmen Jacobo
  • Umecuaro
  • Michoacán, México
  • May 10, 2018

These are from a trip to Umecuero to see the studio of Kees Ouwens and Carmen Jacobo. I’ve admired their work for a while so when an opportunity to see them came up, I jumped at it. I enjoyed the experience at every level and would very much like to do more and work with other artists here in Michoacan when I get the opportunity.