1098 – XI Festival El Carmen, Tlalpujahua

Songs from Long Ago

A face with history

Youth Orchestra tunes and practices…


Bass Flute

Orquestra Sinfonica Juvenil, IPEFH, Director C. Jose Antonio Garcia Cuevas

The Eyes

She Does Not Approve

He is Distracted

In the Moment

On the Margins – with her art.

The Ladies

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Chicharron in the Corner

Assorted Avocados and Quelites (Papalo)

Common vegetables of the Mexican table – fava beans, purslane, squash, squash flowers and more…

Can of Favas

Keeping the bees away

Cocina de la Escaleras

  • XI Festival Cultural El Carmen, 81 Aniversario de la Tragedia de Las Lamas
  • Orquestra Sinfonica Juvenil, IPEFH, Director C. Jose Antonio Garcia Cuevas
  • Mercado Municipal de Tlalpujahua
  • Tlalpujahua, Michoacán, México
  • May 26, 2018

This is the first of several posts dedicated to a trip to Tlalpujahua last weekend. There are a lot more photos in this set than I want to post at once or can edit fast enough. So, I’m going to push these out over several days.

The festival was for the 81st anniversary of the failure of the holding ponds from the Dos Estrellas Mine that devastated the historic town. Our trip included the festival, walks around the town, a visit to the gallery and studio of a recognized artist and a visit to the restored facilities at the mine. Most people go to Tlalpujahua for Christmas ornaments at Christmas, but the truth is there is a lot more to see and you can miss the seasonal crowds if you go at other times. And yes, they have the ornaments all year.


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