1117 – Roadside Flowers and a Bit More

Wild Mexican Marigolds

Cosmos in Summer Sun

Delicate White

Crowding onto the Road

Against the On-Coming Summer Storm

Backlight on Beauty

In Stripes of Light

On the wall

  • Roadside Flowers and a Bit More
  • Tacambaro, Michoacán, Mexico
  • Santa Clara del Cobre, Michoacán, Mexico
  • September 25, 2018

Summer is officially over, but near the end of our summer rains is when our flowers reach their peak. The flowers in this series were taken on the roadside near Tacambaro. Just a stop and a few steps for beauty. They are impressions, edited to bring out their unique colors and patterns. The fuse box and switch are from a artisan workshop in Santa Clara del Cobre where I was taking a series of photos for a client. I would love to show them to you – but they are bought and paid for. When they are published, I will link to them.