1197 – Quick Trip to Cuanajo

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Mexican Merigolds against the wall


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Camino de el pueblo en un dia lluvioso

  • A Quick Trip to Cuanajo for Summer Flowers
  • Cuanajo, Michoacan, Mexico
  • September 26, 2021

I love summers in the highlands of central Mexico. It is the rainy season and near the end of summer the flowers are blooming in all the fields and along the roads. We’ve had a drought for a few years, so a more normal to a bit wet season is more than welcome. I hadn’t gotten outside Morelia to see the sights like I used to before the pandemic, so when the chance to run out for a few hours and grab a few photos came, I jumped on it.

Cuanajo is known for it’s wood working and furniture fabrication, so the town itself is on everyone’s list who has a home and needs a bit of furniture. It’s a great place to visit and I hope to go back soon and get some pillows to put on my sofa, and of course, take more pictures in the town.