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faded purple

faded purple…

  • Las Americas, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • April 13, 2013
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It was announced tonight that the US House of Representatives passed the bill from the Senate to fund the government and raise the debt ceiling – finally. It would be nice to say it was a case of the “red” and “blue” coming together for the good of the people and the global economy. That simply isn’t the case. If it was up to the most vocal members – they would still be blaming each other and trying to find ways to force the other side to capitulate.

So, instead of the strong purple that is natural for these beautiful flowers – I give you a weak, soft compromise. Nothing like you would have if red and blue were moving together to achieve strong results. I love a strong purple, for a lot of reasons. I’d love to see the day when congress would turn out in purple – proud of coming together in a positive way. Right now, it looks like this is the best we will get.