About This Blog

I’m a retired guy – living in Morelia, México (map). I once worked in technology and consulting and like many people, did all sorts of other things things along the way. Now, I enjoy photograhy, walking with my dog, some traveling when I can and just living.

The photos on this blog are available as prints for sale. I do photo walks on occasion for individuals or groups. Contact me here if you would like more information.

The opinions, random ramblings and photos on this site are my own. You are welcome to link to them and share them on social media – but please give credit where credit is due and don’t claim them as yours.


For those who may be interested in these things – I use a number of tools for this blog, my writing and photography. I’m not particularly endorsing anything, this is just what works for me.

  • Writing – I use Apple computers and Scrivener. There is a Windows version available, I just enjoy writing on a Mac. I do use Microsoft Word at times, but it seems like I use it less and less since I discovered Scrivener.
  • Photography – I am using a Pentax K3, Pentax Kr and Adobe Lightroom. You will find some pictures from previous digital cameras and software on this blog, this is just my current kit. I studied photography with the intention of becoming a commercial photographer originally – life doesn’t always work the way you think it will.
  • This Blog – This blog is hosted on Cloudways through Digital Ocean from a networked install of WordPress. I’m using the Hueman theme for WordPress, with some customized styles to work a little better as a photo blog.