One A Day – 303 – Preparations

One of the last adobes – decorated for the procession. Our home replaced an adobe.


A young drummer on his way to join the procession.


A family preparing for the evening in front of their home.


Yes, there will be many guests stopping by – and they will all have an honored place to sit.


A band warms up as preparations continue.


The young ladies who will carry the icon of the virgin.


Black powder is laid. The street will be cleared for the procession with a flash of gunpowder and exploding firecrackers. Yes, that is smoke, still rising from the last block. They run from from block to block, in front of the procession.

  • CuerĂ¡maro, Guanajuato, Mexico
  • December 7, 2013
  • All rights reserved

We’re preparing for the procession honoring the Virgin of Guadalupe. Every pueblo in Mexico has its own traditions in the Christmas season. Ours is to give each street a chance to host the Virgin and have a posada. During the evening, virtually everyone in town will walk down the street, visiting friends and family. Homes are decorated, open to visitors and have punch, posole, tacos, tamales, and much more laid out for them. People come back to Cueramaro from all over to return to their homes and families during this time.

There will be more…