One A Day – 1000 – Juan Alzate Jazz Quartet

In Thought


Right now…

Smooth Moves


Juan Alzate Jazz Quartet

Starting a Sweep of the Keys

I see you there – guy with camera…

In the Blue Light

Careful! He Bites!

  • Juan Alzate Jazz Quartet: Juan Alzate – Sax, Fito Luviano – piano, Ivan Laura – Bass, Fernando Mendoza – Drums
  • Amati Jazz Club
  • Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México
  • June 9, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

The 1000th blog post in the “One A Day” series is upon us. I’m happy you’re here with me and very happy it falls on a posting of photos with this group. Juan and the members of this group are part of the reason I focus on jazz in Morelia and there will be an exhibition of photos at MACAZ this September. I have many friends in the community of musicians that plays in Morelia and I appreciate the music, joy and dedication they bring to our city. There will be more of course – there is no magic number. I’m working on an event from last night today and there is another in the following day. Onward.