One A Day – 1047 – Uriangato

Decor on the way to a street in Uriangato

And who… Are you?

Dove Stencil

Green Supplies

Regional Products – Avocados and Macadamia Nuts

Contrasting Colors


Blocks of Color

Streamer with Window

Even the Wrecks Get Paint

Side Street


Asian Proportions


Colorful Bounty

Late Summer Temptations

Tortilleria San Francisco

Carnitas El Camote

Fall is Here

Modern Castle

  • 2do Encuentro Internacional de Alfombristas
  • Uriangato & Moroleón, Guanajuato, México
  • October 6, 2017
  • Copyright, all rights reserved

These photos are from a trip to Uriangato and Moreleon last Friday to see the “carpets” they made for the procession of San Miguel in Uriangato. This is a regional tradition going back decades that last year, the community made into an international festival. Despite this change, I can tell you the event is well-organized and very worthwhile for a visit, if you want to see a regional tradition that has survived and gotten stronger over time.

To an outsider, the two pueblos appear as one town. They share resources and walking through the streets it is nearly impossible to tell when you are in one or the other without checking street signs. The yearly festival that takes over the heart of the cities, the active and busy Centro area, and community pride make this a beautiful town to visit. The region has gone from being agricultural, through an industrial period when textiles and clothing were strong, to the mixed economy that exists there today. Honestly, I didn’t expect to find a city with as busy and vibrant as it is. It isn’t easy to transition between the changes they have endured.

These photos are “atmospheric” to give you a sense of the city, without the alfombras and the trappings of the festival. Because of the festival, all the streets that host the alfombras ensure houses are painted and decorated, the streets are clean, and everyone is involved. So, if these photos seem unusually bright and colorful, it is because the streets are primed for photos during the festival. I really enjoyed the opportunity to see this and to spend the day there, but I have to say, next year when I go again – I will plan to stay over night. The decoration of the streets and preparation of the alfombras starts in the morning and continues through the day. The events begin in the evening with the procession of the saint proceeding down the streets and over the alfombras made for the occasion. By morning, all the alfombras are swept up, the streets are clean and a new day begins.

The photos from this walk will continue over several days because there are a lot of them. I’ll probably have to intersperse with some of the other work I’m doing – but I love them and I want you to see them. If you think I am baiting you a bit – yes I am – but stick with me. There are some beautiful things to see…