Mike in Mexico

Lightroom 6 - RAW HDR - 3 photo merge

One A Day – 624

Empty Eyes – No Makis Today Color – Randomly Beautiful Feeling Blue Padre Saturino Garcia Laura – A humanist in his garden After a long walk, tell me you don’t want dense, natural ice...

Lightroom 6 - RAW HDR - 6 photo merge

One A Day – 623

Isaac Arriaca Memorial Serene Chapel Fountain – Villalongin “Sit down,” Mother says… Centro, Morelia, Michoacán, México April 19, 2015 Copyright, all rights reserved

Chris Sanchez Blues Band

One A Day – 620

Chris Sanchez Blues Band Brothers in Blues Marvel’s latest character – Bass Clef Chris Sanchez Rodrigo Nefthalí López Alarcón Primal Playing to her voice Chris Sanchez Blues Band with Chris Sanchez – Guitar and...